About pressglue

Pressglue gives you the power to put your stories on the web. It's a simple and effective low cost way to publish news as and when it happens, attract buyers for products or services, and engage a community

Publish What You Want, When You Want


No budget for an expensive web development project? Pressglue's free and low cost payment options make online publishing possible.

Fed up with not being able to put your own news on your own website? Here, you can do everything yourself. No I.T. skills or web developers required.

Stressed by having to find and edit stories to meet a regular print deadline? Now, there's no need. In fact, when you publish little but often, you're more likely to be noticed and remembered.

There's a built-in approval process, so you can encourage contributions from everyone involved whilst allowing only those with editorial privileges to press the publish button.

You can log on and update your site from anywhere with internet access, because pressglue is entirely web-based. You don't have to buy software, or sort out hosting; you'll never have to upgrade, or learn a new version, and you'll be able to use new features as soon as we develop them.

Reach a Wider Audience

Once online, your news and articles will attract people interested in what you have to say.

Send out a printed document or an email, and your message is only reaching the recipient – if they even read it before putting it in the recycle bin. Publish a story on pressglue, and it takes on a life of its own.

Those searching for what you are writing about can find you and follow you. You and your readers can share stories through social media simply by clicking a button. Once the word is out, who knows where it might lead?


Look Good - Effortlessly

We've done the design work so you don't have to. You can choose from a wide range of clear and attractive layouts, and change colours and fonts. With a pro account, you can also very easily produce a site branded to your organisation.

If you've ever struggled to build a site using PC software or a blogging platform, we're pretty sure you'll find pressglue a revelation.

Make Money

Pressglue's built in advertising functions make it easy to generate revenue from your site (pro and publisher accounts only). Whether you want to direct people to your own products or services, to take paid adverts, or to build a revenue stream from affiliate marketing, you'll find it quick and easy to set a site up and get started.

Ready to get started?

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