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Pressglue is the quick way and easy way to start a blog that looks good, is easy to monetize, and doesn't demand any technical know-how. Create an account, choose your layout and colour scheme, and you can be publishing within the hour.

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Hassle–free set up

It's like a blog in a box. Every feature you need for an effective blog is included. No need to sort out hosting, download extra bits and pieces, or grapple with mysterious strings of code. Essential search engine optimisation features come as standard.

You can't go wrong with the design, because you choose from a range of clean, professional templates. And you don't need to worry about breaking the site – you can't. Whatever button you press, you can be sure nothing will happen you didn't expect.

Quick and easy to publish

Organise your content in categories based around keywords, to help attract your target readers; and simply add articles, news pieces, images and ads at the click of a button. With pressglue's professional design, you've got immediate credibility that will attract readers and advertisers –it's over to you for the words!


Make money

Pro and publisher accounts allow you to generate ongoing income by setting up links for third party advertising, Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. There are also display ad features, a variety of linking options, and clever 'sticky word' fields that help you actively promote advertisers within the main text. Each feature is simple and straightforward to use.

If you're promoting your own products or services through your blog, then you can also use the advertising features to link back to your own sales pages.

To track exactly how people are coming to the site and what they are doing, simply paste Google analytics code into the field provided– great for helping you make the site more effective.

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