Digital news publishing for businesses

Pressglue makes it easy for you to keep a flow of information feeding through onto the web. Fresh, interesting content builds your online presence, brings you more visitors, and helps you grow your business.

Create your own news channel


Broadcast all the stories worth telling, as and when they happen. Show what your business is doing now, build a back-story, and demonstrate your brand's personality. Unlike on a typical website news page, you can organise content into categories so that readers can easily find what they are interested in .You're free to publish as many stories as you want*; you can add your own branding under your own domain name*, and you can share content through social media.

No more press releases that go nowhere; no up-front design and development costs, no technical skills to learn. And no waiting until your web developer gets back from holiday before you see your news stories published.

Beyond the corporate news feed

Not everything that goes on in your business will make it to the main website – but that doesn't mean it's not worth sharing. How about a site that publishes stories about your Corporate Social Responsibility work in the local community? A digital newsletter for your Sports and Social Club? An educational resource for schools in your area?


Send more visitors to your website

Generate interest through your pressglue site, and you have a constant stream of interested visitors you can direct to other sites. There are a number of ways to build in links, including a display ad facility you can use to highlight key sales messages. The more activity you show, the happier the search engines will be. You get more people to your products or services site – and you make more sales.

*pro and publisher accounts only

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