Easy to create, online magazines for Clubs and Communities

Pressglue helps clubs and other groups share news with members and the wider community.

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Get the word out

Whether you're from the local hockey team or a lively faith community; a youth group or a retirees' social club, pressglue makes it simple to get the word out.

Won the league for the first time ever? Need volunteers to run the raffle? Had fun on a club day out? Pressglue lets you feed news onto the web as and when it happens. That reminds members of what's going on and encourages them to get more involved. And because your news is online, you have the potential to reach new people interested in what you are doing.


Ready to use – no technical skills needed.

Your site can be live within moments, and you can publish immediately. To customise the design takes a little longer, but doesn't involve any technical skills whatsoever. It's simply a question of going through the options available and choosing what suits you best. Our designers have done all the hard work for you, so you can be confident your site will look good.

You can set up accounts other club members interested in contributing. You can then allow everyone to publish directly, or nominate people to be editors and approve material before it goes live.

Publish for nothing…

Choose our free account and you have access to all the full range of design and publishing tools. Create your publication, send out your news, and share your stories online, and we won't charge you a penny.

Instead, we will feed adverts through your site targeted at the likely interests of your readers. Because of the newspaper format, adverts fit naturally. We make sure that the ads aren't intrusive (no flashing pop-up boxes), and we choose our advertisers carefully so you can be confident your readers won't see anything inappropriate.

…or generate revenue through a low-cost pro account


Upgrade to a pro account, and you are free to add your own advertising using the display ads and other built-in facilities to link to sites of your choice. You won't get any of our adverts. This means you can highlight sales messages from club sponsors, take paid advertising from local businesses, and promote your own products.

Clicks are fully trackable, so you can show your partners that supporting you is good for business. Yes, they give because they believe it's a good thing to do – but if it makes business sense too, they will stay around for longer.

Ready to get started?

Free forever, or free 30 day trial of paid account. No credit card required.