Because we know that managing and organising content can be a complex thing especially if you are new to the world of news casting and content management

So, we decided to rethink the entire process to make it ultra easy for you to just get your content online and visible to the world from a simple interface

Simple, easy control over design, content and well, everything really.
Content that does not change? Make it static! Create static pages (pages that stay the same) option. So building pages like about us, find us, Event pages, or any content that does not change frequently is super easy! You can even link to then from the navigation bar!

Adding content is so ludicrasly easy with the article manager. Add text, links and pictures with total simplicity from the article manager click here to learn more.

Google likes pressglue. Each pressglue.com site comes with a simple set of search engine optimisation tools included ensuring your title and articles are ranked efficiently.
Really Simple Syndication for content aggrigators and newsreaders RSS feed so people can subscribe to get your updates.
Make your categories stand out. Build great looking content rich category pages. These pages list the most recent articles in each category making it easier for readers to follow the content on your pressglue site

Navigation made easy. Your pressglue site menus are automatically created from categories. You can set the colour and the order from the unique pressglue.com category manager

Spreading the word has never been easier All pressglue sites come with simple social media sharing buttons helping you and your readers get the message out there to the rest of the world. Allow people to like, pot to Twitter and Facebook instantly.