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From pre-school nursery to university post-graduate department, pressglue helps you get the word out.

You can use pressglue to:

  • Create student newspapers.
  • Build your brand and market what you offer.
  • Share news and ideas, and so engage the wider school or college community.

There's no upfront investment or long-term commitment. Even if you have the design skills of a duck-billed platypus, your publication will look professional. And our special educational discount means you'll probably spend less on pressglue than you'd pay to photocopy a paper version.

Create online student newspapers

Student newspapers have long been a good way to get kids writing. Now, even the youngest pupils can see their work online – and you can be sure they will send the link to with parents, friends and relatives. Not only are you helping children develop a love of the written word, you're reaching a much wider audience than with a traditional paper publication.

And if you're a further or higher education college, pressglue is the simplest possible way for journalism and other students to practice writing and get exposure in the outside world.


You can be confident nothing will go live that you're not happy with, because you decide what level of access to give each person. Writers, for example, can lodge articles for approval, whilst editors can review and publish. You can publish articles as and when you want, because each one has its own web page. No more manual collating, organising, or trying to squeeze 26 random pieces of writing neatly onto eight A4 sheets of paper.

We've also structured pressglue so that different departments within a school can have their own section (called a category). You can allocate responsibility for a particular category to one particular person, and you can limit editorial rights to just this one category if you wish.

Build your brand

Pressglue is a simple and very effective marketing tool. It makes it easy for you to drip-feed stories about your activities onto the web, and in doing so to build up a strong picture of your school or college brand. Once a story is published, it stays on the site for as long as you want it to be. Visitors can explore the full range of articles, and so get a real feel for what you offer and what you do.

The more people who get involved, the better. Frequent fresh news indicates a lively learning environment. Publish good articles by teachers and students, and you make a positive impression on prospective parents and pupils that goes far beyond what you can achieve with just the traditional once-a-year school prospectus.

Effective marketing is increasingly important to schools and colleges. No matter how successful your teaching, if the school down the road is good at getting its message across, you have to be better – and pressglue can play a big part in that.


Share news and ideas

Pressglue makes it easy for you to send out frequent news snippets and keep people interested in what you are doing. Create a buzz around an event, remind parents about projects or exams, tell stories of sports successes - the immediacy of online publication gives it a power that old news published once a term will never have.

And once you've published on the web, your news can spread far and wide – well beyond the people you are in direct contact with.

The possibilities are endless. What about creating a publication to share best practice, and stimulate reflection? As a bi-lingual joint project with a school overseas? To discuss research findings? Over to you!

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