Pressglue Features

We built pressglue from scratch. As a result, it's totally geared towards the needs of a non-technical person wanting to publish online. It's simple to use, looks good, and works.


  • Three basic layouts, multiple variations
  • Drag and drop content into different positions
  • Optional 'slider' so you can display up to four different images in turn
  • Different layouts for different types of pages
  • Fifteen fonts
  • Colour picker for text and backgrounds
  • Sidebar can be different on each page
  • Copy settings option, so you can easily recreate the look for a new publication


  • Static pages (pages that stay the same) option
  • Category pages – these list the most recent articles in each category
  • Article pages – one for each new article that you publish
  • Menus automatically created from categories
  • Automatically updated 'latest news' and 'most popular' lists


  • Text editor that looks like Microsoft Word or any similar software
  • Comments facility to encourage discussion
  • Different access levels so only those with editorial rights can make content live
  • Site-wide or specific-category-only access for editors
  • Writer profiles and Twitter feeds

Spreading the word

  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Email to friends button
  • Option to include Twitter feeds
  • Post to Twitter and Facebook
  • Search engine optimisation elements included
  • RSS feed so people can subscribe to get your updates

It's free to explore Pressglue for yourself.

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