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Journalist or professional expert looking to showcase your skills and expertise? Pressglue gives you a quick and simple way of getting online. Write a few articles, add photos, link to your Twitter feed, and you have a presence you can confidently show to anyone.

Chose a pro account if you want total control of your blog, or a free one if you're happy to show our targeted ads.


No wasted time

Pressglue comes ready to use. If you'd rather spend your time writing articles for your site than learning a blogging platform, you're in the right place. No messing around sorting out hosting, no worrying about how to make the site work, and absolutely no need to know anything about code.

Easy to personalise

You can make the site distinctive by choosing a layout, changing colours and fonts, and adding a banner and other images. The 'Writers' section allows you to create a personal profile, with a photo, plus links to your social media profiles.

Start writing!

Add articles you've already written and want to showcase, create topical pieces, write about what matters in your particular field. Keep adding fresh content, and you build up a library of your writing that will give editors a good idea of the type of work you do.

Not only can you direct people you know to the site, you will also attract new visitors who may be looking for what you can provide.


Make money

If you will be writing in a particular niche, you could earn income from your pressglue site. Once you start to get visitors, advertisers who sell relevant products could well be interested in placing ads with you. Alternatively, you can take targeted ads placed through Google Adsense.

Find out more about making money from a pressglue site link to generate revenue page

The site layouts are designed so that the adverts don't spoil the writing – no intrusive ads that break up the text or pop up uninvited as people browse the page.

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