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Article manager


Write and publish articles, save pieces for approval, link images, add SEO text.


Advertising engine


Advertise your own products or services, take ads from others, use affiliate marketing methods. Link ads through to partner sites or your own.

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Category manager


Set up categories ,so you can organise your content and readers can find what they want.


Writers centre


Set up writers, assign what areas of the site they can access, set whether they can publish live or need editorial approval. Create biographies for each, add Twitter & Facebook links.




See at a glance how many people have read each article, who your most popular writers are, how many people click on advert links.


Design manager


Choose colours, fonts, and font sizes and add your logo, select photos for the slider display, set what shows where.


Google analytics


Register with Google analytics (free) and add the code you are given directly into the analytics field in your pressglue site. You can then see reports on every aspect of your site’s performance.


Twitter feed


Simply paste your Twitter link into the relevant field to display your Twitter feed live.


Social media sharing


Click to add buttons so readers can share your articles via all the main social media sites.


Hard links


Create links quickly and easily to take people to other sites you want them to visit or that would be useful for them.




Online support – send us your problem and we will get back to you within the specified time.

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Learning centre


Step by step instructions to get you up and running fast.


Media manager


Create folders to organise your images, upload pictures directly from your own computer.


Settings exporter


Duplicate your design on a new site by simply copying over the settings from the first.


Predesigned templates


Simply click to choose the professionally-designed layout that best suits your needs.


White label branding


Replace references to pressglue with your organisation’s name so the site becomes part of your brand.


Domain name mapping


Replace the default domain with the name of your choice.




The number of writers you can give access to at any one time.

4 10 100 unlimited  



The number of articles you can hold on the system at any one time.

150 300 unlimited unlimited  

Pressglue tittles


The number of pressglue publications you can run per subscription.

1 1 1 5  



The amount of space available for you on our server.

250mb 2gb 5gb 30gb  

Adverts served


We place adverts chosen to be relevant for readers of your publication.

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